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Start Date: 15th January 2024| 8PM Onwards

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Hi, I'm Neha

  • I am exploring life and sharing life lessons that are actionable, logical and non-bullshitty.We struggle in life and stay unhappy because life lessons are not taught in schools.
    • I figured out many valuable lessons myself while I struggled to clear the CA exam and packed them in a 7 step framework that changed the game of my life. Now it’s YOUR turn to be the HERO!
    • From 60% in 12th, constantly failing to clear CA Exam. From “I took attempts, won’t get a good job” to Getting placed in Big4. From hiding myself in every class to giving 100+ talks, having 4.5Lacs followers across social media From quitting my job to Creating something of my own.
    • You know what was common in all? Changed Mindset.
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Start Date: 15th January 2024| 8PM Onwards
Let me teach you how 3000+ Students and I changes our mindset.
  • When we win over our limiting beliefs and convince ourselves that it’s all possible for me.This thought sparks motivation within.
  • It gives a signal to mind “it’s Doable”.Mind starts finding the ways and opportunities to make it work.
  • We start taking action.Action with the right state of mind attracts positive results.That’s why I say “Happy Mind, Happy Life”
  • It all starts from a thought in the head and yet nobody taught us what to think.
  • That’s exactly what I am here for. Hold my hand and let’s walk towards our 2.0 Version!
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Start Date: 15th January 2024| 8PM Onwards
Beware!! You won’t be the same person after this workshop.
  • This will drastically change the way you look at your life.
  • First time in life you will start questioning the beliefs you have been blindly following since childhood.
  • You will start looking at the bigger picture.
  • It's a place to understand yourself and share your deepest insecurities which you have never shared with other.
  • I do not sell this as recordings & do not put out in public without your consent, what you share stays between the participants in the workshop. It’s a peer group. Feel free to talk!
Do you want to make the difference??


Module 1: Silencing of Mind:

Meditation + Mindfulness:We will dive into the life changing habit of Meditation. Why it’s most talked about. Right method of doing it. We will discuss so many mindfulness techniques and practical tools to overcome overthinking which prevent us from taking action in life.

Module 2: Dissolving the past Baggage:

Discover the profound impact of acceptance, embracing your current reality in all aspects of life. Break free from judgment towards yourself and others through insightful self-awareness assignments. Forgiveness takes center stage, liberating your mind and fostering self-love. Join us on this path to emotional freedom and a more harmonious existence, starting your journey toward inner peace today.

Module 3: Why we think, what we think:

Ever wondered why I attract similar kinds of experience in life? Or similar kinds of results? We end up blaming ourselves without knowing the reason behind it. Your life is NOT on autopilot mode. Apne aap kuch nahi ho raha hai. You hold the power to change it. So, let’s learn the concepts behind our thoughts. How they are formed and how you can turn them around and live the best of life. Let’s dig in your life and see what’s in your head through assignments and live exercises.

Module 4. Relationship with Self & Others:

Gain clarity on your current relationships with self and others, understanding their roots in loneliness, situationships, distorted mental images, or attachment styles. Our empowering assignments guide you towards a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and others. Elevate your well-being and start your journey toward lasting self-love and meaningful connections today.

Module 5. Relationship with Money:

Ever noticed someone who always struggles with finances and in a few people’s life money just flows effortlessly ? The difference is in mindset. First nobody talks about money in the family and if they talk, they say money is the root cause of all the evil. Heard your parents ever say “ paisa hi ladai ki jadd hota hai” And it’s not just one statement. There are many. Let’s fix them once for all by learning a different perspective.

Module 6. Habits and Lifestyle

Right from the conversations we have, to the content we scroll on social media to the songs we listen to. Everything is forming our life. We are unconsciously creating a mess in our life. Let’s learn some simple and easy day to day habits which can change our world massively.

Module 7: Craft your ideal future self

That’s a surprise. It can only be experienced in the session.

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Is this for you? Yes if...

  • You will start to be happy within naturally
  • Clarity of mind
  • Confident
  • Direction to achieve your goals
  • Beautiful relationship with all
  • New perspective to look at life

Most importantly, you want to be Incharge of your life and choose to make most of it on your own terms.
Does this intreset you?

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Listen to our attendees

Checkout the testimonial from one of my recent session which will give you sneak peak into the workshop

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Neha, Don’t you think it’s expensive?

Absolutely Not, we happily spend lacs in a degree, thousands on a phone and other comfort stuff, and yet stay unhappy, anxious, and frustrated. If this investment can heal you & give you a peaceful life, improve your relationship with yourself and others. Isn’t it worth it?Zindagi jeene ka tareeka seekhna, kisi degree k subject jitna jaruri nahi h?

What can this workshop do for me?

The Main Aim of this is self-realization. Once you know yourself and connect with your deeper self. You learn to solve your problems. You learn to stay calm and become confident eventually, your relationship with yourself and others improves gradually and you become a content person. You can thereafter craft a beautiful life for yourself.

Do I even need this workshop?

There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live. Despite being highly educated, no subject taught us to face adverse conditions in life or how to calm ourselves and deal with our emotions.

How will this course benefit me?

It will give you total control over how you think, feel, behaves, and react to everything, thereby putting you in the seat of power, but most importantly, peace and ease.

Are we going to learn the law of attraction or manifestation in this?

Not exactly. I never trusted anything blindly. I’ll take you on a new journey logically.

Is it possible for me to change the way I think and feel about my life through this practice?

Almost immediately. With practice, you will unlock a new life for yourself like me.

For how long will I be able to stay optimistic after the workshop?

That completely depends upon your willingness to change your life. I’ll provide you with an e-book with quick notes for your reference and will suggest some online resources to refer to on a daily basis to keep you in the right state of mind. Also the telegram community will help you in any doubt.

I have my exams, can I join this?

If you learn to stay calm you can learn and achieve anything in life. Even 3 hours of exams require sheer focus and calmness.

Would a recording be available?

Till Last day of the workshop

How do I convince my parents about this amount of investment in the workshop?

I understand parents are often skeptical also they are unaware sometimes that panic and anxiety is a real thing- because many times when I tried communicating that my hands are shivering or I am not feeling like studying my parents thought I am just making excuses. Only I knew I was feeling suffocated within. You can show them my channel and how a change in mindset changed my reality. Also show them testimonials, how it benefited others. Tell them that this workshop is not a luxury or a waste of money, but a necessity and an investment in your future. You are not spending money, but investing in yourself and your potential. An honest conversation will almost always work. Your parents have spent a lot more on your education- this workshop will be actually worth investment. It will turn out to be YOUR BEST INVESTMENT TILL DATE. I’d love to help you change and make your parents proud - but you are the person who needs to communicate.~

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